The sculpture of the 20th century in Spain has a name: Pablo Serrano Sculpture 09/12/2020

"Being is beyond reality and life. It is loneliness in front of the unknown“ Pablo Serrano

Pablo Serrano Aguilar was born in Crivillén (Teruel), on 10 February 1908.

Spanish sculptor considered one of the most influential artists 20th century.


El escultor en su taller


Started his sculpture studies in Zaragoza for later move to Barcelona where he resided until the year 1929, which is when he decided go to Argentina and later to Uruguay extending their stay between these two countries for 25 years.


In all that time his sculptural work turned out to be be very prolific thus highlighting his series known as "The bulls" in which it represents figures charged with great purity in terms of to forms, very close to the works of Constantin Brancusi.




Pablo Serrano, Toro, 1945. Pablo Serrano Museum, Zaragoza. Photographic archive of the Pablo Serrano Museum


Also, during this long stay he engaged friendship with others key figures in the artistic field, Joaquín Torres García and Lucio Fontana, to whom thanks to them he was able to know the work that at that time they carried out the European avant-gardes.


In the years 1944, 1951 and 1954 he achieved the First National Prize from the Salón de Bellas Artes de Montevideo becoming the sculptor recognized in Uruguay, and, therefore, a benchmark of the sculpture in Latin America.


Pablo Serrano, Unidad-Yunta, 1973-1976. Museo Pablo Serrano, Zaragoza. Archivo fotográfico del Museo Pablo Serrano


Today there are many sculptures that are distributed through different public places in countries such as Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
In 1955 he returned to Spain after obtaining one more award, the Grand Prize at the Montevideo Biennial, a year in which also He was awarded the Grand Prize for Sculpture at the Hispano-American Biennial from Barcelona.


Pablo Serrano, Vault Man, 1963-1964. Pablo Serrano Museum, Zaragoza. Photographic archive of the Pablo Serrano Museum


Already in Spain he founded the group El Paso along with artists such as Manuel Millares, Antonio Saura, Rafael Canogar and Juana Frances, among many others, making it the first movement avant-garde that introduced abstract art to the peninsula, reaching a major boom in postwar Spain.


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