Automatic or quartz watches? Watches 09/12/2020

Surely more than one has heard of the terms 'automatic' or 'quartz' when buy a watch, however, not everyone is very clear about what they are exposed to, or how they influence the operation of a watch. In Balclis we like to keep our users always informed, thus it is that without further delay we will try to explain the differences between the two.

  1. Differences

The terms 'automatic' or 'quartz' have to do with the piece of force that acts on the hands of the clock. In that sense, on the one hand, we find automatic watches, that use kinetic energy, so requires a piece to move , and on the other hand, quartz watches , which work well through a battery or battery.


It is true that the mechanical watches are more likely to pass from generation to generation, despite the fact that the spare parts are of high quality and need very exhaustive care as it requires a review by a specialist at least every five years. Obviously the labor for its adjustment can only be carried out carried out by master watchmakers for this ensure their performance, and all this makes its maintenance raise its costs.

On the contrary, quartz watches Needless to say, they are much more pragmatic, so the moment they start to fail, well simply with the change of battery they return to give the time as the first day. This does not mean that they are exempt from repairs or revisions, since perhaps due to their low cost they take less care of themselves being exposed to higher risk situations, such as submerging them in water, which in the end also means that a specialist treats you so that the final seal is perfect.

       2. A matter of taste

The main 'downside' as well To say it about automatic watches , and more in these times, is precision. Year after a year the clock is lagging in seconds and minutes, to the point that we will have to start it on a regular basis. In that aspect, mechanical watches do are less accurate than quartz.

Now, their appeal also comes into play, since they are watches reminiscent of the authentic art of the master watchmakers. For this last reason fans or collectors of the most refined watches tend to opt for this type of watch, in which not only the complexity of its mechanism is combined, but also Her beauty. It is normal for its performance to be affected by the passage of time, but ... Didn't we all do it?

As you can see, this last case is about of a much more subjective relationship, between person and watch, and not so much as owner and complement, and it is that really the authentic lovers of watches know very well to value and appreciate the character representing an automatic watch.

However, quartz watches They also have their advantages, and if they are of those who lean more for having a greater accuracy and speed when making changes and revisions , you already know what your option is.

At the end of the day, we cannot say that one type of watch is better. or worse than another, but quite the opposite, and that is be guided by the one that preferably best suits your needs or preferences.