The 4 best set historical series that you should not miss Antiques 16/04/2020

Whatever they say Netflix or HBO have already become a cultural phenomenon, and that is that they have completely changed the way of watching television. Now, viewers can easily choose what they want to see across a wide selection of titles and genres.

For those enthusiasts and lovers of history who enjoy a good recreation of the dramas and conspiracies that forged the culture and society of a multitude of nations, the platform surprises us with several fictions focused on various outstanding events at the stroke of CLIC, with which to enjoy accompanied by good popcorn.


Versailles will transport you to 17th century France to meet Louis XIV, a king as narcissistic as he is powerful. The only concern to further enhance his figure decides to create his own sanctuary, the Château de Versailles. The series begins in the year 1667, when Louis XIV, (played by George Blagden), also known as "the Sun King" decides to build this castle, in what was previously an old hunting lodge of his father, about 50 km from the city of Paris.

This dream can only be fulfilled if he manages to subdue the nobility, the great opponent of his plans. In addition, the series relates many aspects of its history, such as relations with other states, political agreements and wars, among which Rome's interference in the affairs of the King, which will try to truncate the absolutism of the monarch, and of course , all the issues around his personal life, which go a long way.

Likewise, this fiction of political and personal intrigues also delves into the complicated situation of the king with his brother Felipe de Orleans, and that is that the love-hate that both professed in real life is perfectly reflected in the series. A Felipe of Orleans who had to live in the shadow of the Sun King, and who was still known for his lavish revelries, for being an excellent military man, and for being in charge of designing the complicated protocol system of Versailles.

Although if there really is something worth watching this series, it is because you can enjoy the wonderful plans of the Château de Versailles: the shooting has taken place in real spaces, recognizing its sumptuous interiors, among which the Hall of Mirrors stands out. , as well as in the recreation of its most primitive rooms in the Chtâteau de Vaux-leVicomte.


On June 2, 1953, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom was crowned to succeed her father, George VI, on the throne. Since Queen Victoria, who died in the early twentieth century, she had no longer become a monarch at the head of a country.

The Crown begins precisely in those last days of George VI's life, where Isabel, a young woman who is preparing for her future, and who is brought to life by the British actress, Claire Foy, must quickly assume her role as queen after the sudden death of his father.

The series focuses primarily on the life of the royal family, and on the numerous complications between Queen Elizabeth's marriage to Philip of Edinburgh, played by Matt Smith. In addition, another of the series' strengths is the queen's interpretation to deal with a scandal in which her sister Margarita is involved, and all this, in an unappetizing social and political context, in which an elderly Winston Churchill he returns to the British government as Prime Minister.

We must highlight the different locations where this series has been filmed: Wilton House for example recreates the most private areas of Buckingham Palace, or the Old Royal Naval College its State Apartments and reception areas. Each room, each object or its light have been placed as accurately as possible, based on photographs and the Royal film library.


A sweet young woman who had to learn to be queen under the gaze and judgment of all British public opinion, while plunging fully into a love story so great that it would become recognized as one of the great romances in history. It could be, why not, the plot of an exciting romance novel, however, this was really the life of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

So, if you are interested in historical series, you are passionate about romances you cannot miss Victoria, a series based on the life of this English queen, who to reflect her life as faithfully as possible, have been based on her own personal diaries. The result, a masterpiece.

Victoria (played by Jenna Coleman) had barely turned 18 when she ascended the throne, and she wore the crown for 64 years, making her mandate one of the longest in UK history. His passionate character, although somewhat stubborn would lead him to think that he would never marry, however, everything changed when he met his cousin, Prince Albert of Saxony-Coburg-Gotha, son of Ernest I (Victoria's uncle).

From the moment their lives crossed, they both knew what love was at first sight, because Victoria was immediately in love with Alberto, and hers. From there, the Queen of the United Kingdom, still a princess, would live an authentic romance that would mark the rest of her life during which she had to learn to govern, and earn the appreciation of the English people, although of course, always by the hand from his beloved Alberto.

The spaces in this series recreate the most primitive Buckingham Palace, highlighting richly decorated spaces in the Regency and George III style, later moving to the Queen's namesake style. For the filming, no money has been spared in the interiors or in the dressing room or hairdressing salon, highlighting scenes with hundreds of extras and in unique spaces.



Perhaps this is one of the most famous series, but we did not want to forget it: it takes place at the beginning of the reign of George V, in the first decades of the 20th century, around the life of the aristocratic family of Earl Grantham, his mother, his wife, his three daughters and other relatives and friends, who have as a question the destination of the goods that the family enjoys, especially, Downton Abbey, a castle whose ownership obeys different rules from the usual ones.

Lord Robert Crawley is by inheritance Count Grantham and owner of Downton Abbey, where he lives with his family and various servants, however, he is not his unconditional owner. The title of count, the house, as well as other movable and immovable property were part of a mayorazgo that goes back several generations. However, the count had received them in a dilapidated state that only managed to improve thanks to his marriage to Cora, a wealthy American heiress whose fortune was incorporated into his assets, and with whom he had three daughters.

Not having a male heir, they feared that at Crawley's death, the castle might be inherited by a relative, despite the fortune invested by Cora. To avoid this distress, the current Earl prepares and gets his oldest daughter to marry her cousin Patrick, so that all the assets remain with the direct family, however, terrible news invades Downtown County when they find out that the two cousins ??and heirs died in the sinking of the Titanic, on April 14, 1912.

This is the start of a series shot for more than 6 seasons in the magnificent Highclere castle, owned by the Counts of Carnarvon. Its interiors reflect that early century society of eclectic tastes: Louis XVI furniture mixes with the best portraits of the century. XVIII and XIX together with the typical English Gothic revivals. You certainly can't miss it just to see its interiors!