Mary Rocamora (1928-2020) Antiques 08/03/2021

Collector, lover of beauty, tireless traveler, cultured, refined, passionate, enthusiastic, great landscaper (he created one of the most beautiful gardens in Ampurdán). Connoisseur of art, especially ceramics and rugs, ...

It was her father, Santiago Rocamora Moratonas, a great collector of Spanish ceramics in the 30s of the last century, who from a very young age instilled in her a love of art and collecting. Grew up surrounded by very unique objects that made her have that special "eye" to discover unique pieces.

Over the years he created the great collection of perfume bottles that we auction today, a testimony of his patient and passionate dedication.
All the pieces that make up this collection were chosen one by one by her.


'Escale' by Marcel Franck, Art decó perfume bottle with spray in Baccarat crystal and brass, circa 1920-30. Estimate: € 150.

Her fascination with this world made her know the magic of smells. He found out who were those who worked for the large perfume companies, those who produced those luxurious glass containers, such as Baccarat and Saint Gobain among others. He learned who the best perfumers were and where the best pieces were sold or auctioned. Perfumes and their bottles were part of his life. A refined life, surrounded by the best scents of jasmine, roses, tuberose, lavender ...


'Commedia' by Lalique, a collectable perfume bottle in molded and partially frosted glass. Estimate: € 300.

'Perfume is the last and the best reserve of the past, the one that when all the tears have dried, can make us cry again!' Marcel proust.