Take note! The new talents that should appear on your Instagram Contemporary Art 13/07/2022

GIVE IT UP! Surely you are one of those who think that you spend a lot of time on Instagram. But really… You don't have to be ashamed! Because on many occasions, more than time wasted, time is invested. Or has it not happened to you?

Precisely that is what has happened to us today. is It is clear that Instagram has become one of the perfect means to turn to in order to discover what are the new trends and talents to follow. is that, without further ado, we have begun to pitch through that famous magnifying glass of “recommended for you”, and incidentally name the new artists, painters, illustrators, designers who are destroying their work and showing it through this social network. Do you want to know who our latest discoveries have been?

Alba Blázquez

Why should you follow her? Well, for many reasons. For its colorful and vibrant universe, for its geometric forms, for its unquestionable pop, lowbrow and surrealist imagery, even naive at first sight, for its graphic strength, for its illustrations full of humor, above all focused on breaking the stigmas of female sexuality…, ultimately because it is the perfect legacy to represent the times we have had to live in, for what she is capable of transmitting with her works, and because she has been in charge of decorating some of the rooms of what has been considered one of the star hotels of this last year, Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, an authentic ode to the Art Decó style.

Your profile: https://www.instagram.com/albablazquezyo/

Elvira Solana

Have you really not heard the name of Elvira Solana? Well, precisely she has been the real agitator of the Madrid art scene in the summer of 2018. And all thanks to her impressive intervention under the title of Real Estate. Expanding Cano Lasso, from 350 to 10,000 square meters in which he investigated the relationship between architecture and painting, exploring through graphic tools how the walls dialogue with the context, where the murals were windows. Her appointment was, without a doubt, one of the most interesting and one that has caused the most to talk about, in fact, her work is still being commented on, and she proudly shows images of that intervention on her profile. ephemeral. so So, don't lose track of this very young Cantabrian muralist because I am sure that from now on you will hear her name, and you will recognize her.

There his profile goes: https://www.instagram.com/elvira_solana/

Andy Dixon

Why should you follow it? Because we love people who are not afraid of color, especially with a lot of emphasis on pink, the millennial color par excellence, but, above all, for daring to play with an unconventional color palette, and use it and squeeze it as you really want. This Canadian artist has found his place in works typical of romanticism, but in which this change of role is appreciated through his strong point, the combination of colors, breaking all the barriers of time. As for one of his latest works that has made us fall in love with this artist, it has been precisely his interiors full of classic pieces and decoration icons.

His brilliant profile: https://www.instagram.com/andy.dxn/

Royal Garance

An architect by training, Royal Garance is today one of the most creative women of the moment with a very personal style that makes her indisputable it. Its potential ranges from installation projects, illustrations, textile design, products and a long etcetera. Whatever the medium: drawing, scenery, objects... Garance's universe revolves around interplay of spaces, dimensions and perspectives, with a very reduced color palette that ranges from black, burnt sienna, khaki green even roses and creams. In addition, in some of his works he has chosen cement as his favorite material, adapting it to a multitude of forms that in no way resemble its typical appearance as a construction material. His Instagram has become a constant source of inspiration for many, and we are completely sure that if you visit his profile you will fall in love with more than one of his works.

The profile: https://www.instagram.com/royalgarance/

João Carlos Alves

Why should you follow it? Because only an architect like him, with a lot of creativity and fantasy, would be able to think and design spaces and shapes like the ones you can see on his profile. Unreal worlds and practically impossible architectures in very unusual environments, although very aesthetic, are some of his most suggestive proposals. João is one of the few artists who believes in art created only and exclusively for platforms of this type, in fact, his images are drawn and designed for the medium where they are going to be seen (in this case Instagram) and that implies a certain degree of previous reflection that no other artist has been able to capture better than him.

Compartimos su perfil: https://www.instagram.com/joaocarlostalves/

Joselu Montojo

Why should you follow it? Well, because it has been able to dazzle half the world with its characteristic and fresh illustrations that range from iconic fashion figures, to magical architectural corners and colorful natural motifs. In addition, he learned self-taught and what started being a simple hobby today it has become his dream job. Her portfolio includes work for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar… In recent years, his pop style has managed to impress famous interior designers and decorators, so his works are related to different styles of decoration. Decoration stores such as Casa Decor, Rue Vintage and interior designers such as Jean Porsche do not hesitate to include their work, and I am sure you will love it. when you see his works you will also want a Joselu Montojo in your house.

His magnificent profile: https://www.instagram.com/joselu_montojo/