Notable auctions in 2022 Auctions 30/12/2022

At Balclis we live a face-to-face auction as an event. Preparing it requires time and dedication, so all team members spend weeks organizing and setting it up, so that the day of the celebration goes smoothly.

At each on-site auction, Balclis offers lots in different categories, the most notable of which are jewelry, antiques, painting, and sculpture. Within these we find subcategories such as silver objects, furniture, oriental art, vintage fashion and accessories, watches, glass, lighting, mirrors, rugs, among others.

The planning of a face-to-face auction begins with a previous investigation where the experts from each department classify and catalog the pieces and make a selection of those that are going to go up for auction. Once the compilation is finished, the catalog and the conditions of each piece are prepared. When the catalog is ready, the previous bids are opened, which will last until the day and time that the live auction begins. While the catalog is being produced, the members of the team organize and decorate the exhibition so that the public can come to visit and see the pieces in situ. Once the previous bids are opened, the exhibition is also inaugurated.

The entrance to the exhibition in our auction house located in Barcelona is completely free and free for all audiences, in the same way as the face-to-face auction, which is held in the same gallery. It is an experience that we really recommend, since it can be an opportunity to see old works and objects that are difficult to find. In addition, our lots can also be visited from the Auctionet platform with which we work online, where you can obtain information on each lot and bid on them without leaving home.

In a live auction many emotions can be transmitted, such as the nervousness on the part of the bidder that his offer is the winner, or on the part of the seller to see how his works are successful and get unexpected auctions. When bidders get the pieces they want, it fills us with joy to see their satisfaction and happiness for the moment. Just as we are pleased when sellers see that their precious pieces fall into good hands.

This 2022, in Balclis, we have held 5 auctions, the first in March followed by May, June, October and finally the last one in December.

Notable auctions in 2022

To say goodbye to the year, we have made a compilation of the auctions and auction records of this 2022. Let's see some:

In the face-to-face auction held in March in Balclis, we can highlight three lots, which exponentially exceeded the estimated price, highlighting the Empire-style console with a auction price of €20,000 and the painting by Auguste Leloir, the leading piece in this auction, which ended up selling for €14,000.

Empire-style mahogany console with gilt bronze applications, circa 1930. Auction: €20.000.
Auguste Leloir. Ruth & Noemí. Auction: €14.000.

As the last piece to highlight in this auction, the 18K white gold and diamond solitaire ring, a safe bet, for a price of €14,000.

sortija solitario bagues balclis subastas Bagués jewelry. Solitaire ring. Auction: €14.000.

During the May auction held in Balclis, three paintings stand out: the work of Carlos Nadal, "urban view" with a auction price of €14,000, the work of Karl Schwesig "War cripples in Noah's field" for €11,000 or the piece by Antonio Saura, "Composition" for €10,000.

carlos nadal subastas balclis
Carlos Nadal. Urban view, France. Auction: €14.000.

However, it stood out above all due to the auctions that other objects had, such as, for example, the pair of Chinese porcelain plates that reached an auction price of €9,000 or the Vietnamese-style Tunic from the Nguyén dynasty, from the end of the 20th century. XIX-early XX century for €10,000.

"Su Wu" and "Guan Yu", pair if chinese porcelain
plates from the Republic, around 1940. Auction: 9.000€.
Túnica Vietnamese court tunic from the Nguyén dynasty,
late 19th-early 20th century. Auction: 10.000€.

In June, less frequent pieces took center stage, such as the gilded bronze table clock, with a auction price of €22,500.

reloj de sobremesa subastas balclis

We continue with one of the great surprises of this auction, Santos Hernández's guitar, which was awarded for €13,000.

guitarra santos hernandez subastas balclis

Jewels were the star pieces at the October auction, highlighting a solitaire ring that was awarded for €24,000 and the gemstone triplet ring for €15,000.

SortijaSolitaire ring with certificate. Auction: €24.000.
Stone triplet ring. Auction: €15.000.

To end with the summary of the year, in the last auction held in December, three pieces stand out, which exponentially exceeded their estimate in three different departments. In antiques with the Russian School from the end of the 19th century lot awarded for €17,000, in painting with the portrait of Madeleine Carroll de Laszlo and in jewelry, with a solitaire ring in 18k white gold and diamond.

Escuela Russian school of the late 20th century. St Nicolas. Auction: €17.000€.
Philip de Laszlo. Portait of Madeleine Carroll. Auction: €37.500.
Solitaire ring. Auction: €50.500.