Design 04/09/2023

Probably if you think of a material such as glass, it can So the first thing that comes to mind is a bottle of beer, and not exactly a work of art. It is obvious. usually not something in which we stop to see it, appreciate it, touch it… however, is one of the raw materials chosen by many great artists to create some of the most iconic pieces in the world whether they are works of art, buildings, design objects, sculptures, pieces worthy of being in online art galleries or even installations.

Glass House by Philip Johson

The Glass House is the house that Philip Johnson, the first architect to received the Pritzker Prize, built a new for himself same in the year 1949. Since then it has become a benchmark because it is a house open to the nature that surrounds it and because of its use of glass.

It is important because no one has ever focused on the characteristics of the glass by mixing it with the line architecture, creating a subtle game of visual images, lights and reflections, ranging from the very nature that surrounds it to the movement of those who wander inside the building.

balclis casa de subastas de arte

Etruscan Chair by Danny Lane

balclis subastas de arte

Created by American artist Danny Lane in the 1980s, it is said that more than a piece of furniture is a work of art. Made with pieces of aluminum and clear glass with bevelled edges, its design is so attractive that it makes us see this material from a very different perspective from the one we are used to, that is, moving away from the concept of fragility.

Miguel Milá Stadium Lamp

Originally designed for the Barcelona Olympic Stadium in 1992, today we can find it in various variants as part of some of the most emblematic buildings.

Inspired by the wrought iron luminaires that held the candles in medieval castles, this designer glass lamp it is Consisting of a ring-shaped tubular structure, on which glass panels are supported, whose screens are composed of vertical striations that disperse light and create a play of lights and shadows.

balclis casa de subastas de arte

Fireworks of Glass by Dale Chihuly

Dale Chihuly is a prestigious American sculptor, known for his specialized work in blown glass. His fascination with abstract shapes of nature, and the marine world are reflected in his art, exploring not only color, so characteristic not of his works, but of the design and assembly.

The image shows one of his many works distributed throughout the different museums in the world, Fireworks of Glass, its most long-lived, composed of a total of more than 6,000 assembled parts individually at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

balclis casa de subastas de arte

Alhambra bottle 1925

The Alhambra 1925 beer bottle, with its curved shapes, its relief and without label has become a work of art in itself, in the moment that the Madrid artist Álvaro Catalán de Ocón used it next to the bottles of Alhambra Especial and Alhambra Reserva Roja to create his work Para. Look. Touch.

From these bottles and colored cement the artist has created a new material, which has been its own reinterpretation of the tiles of the Granada monument (The Alhambra) with which he has sculpted the three words of the work.

That has been their way of wanting to interrupt our daily lives. exciting, and make us discover the mysteries and sensations that hides, and to do this, one first has to follow the steps of which he echoes

balclis casa de subastas de arte

Cubosphere by Alessandro Mendini

The Cuboesfera table lamp is a work by Alessandro Mendini, one of the promoters of the Memphis group. Created in 1968 and produced by Fidenza Vetraria, has become an icon of design, design consisting of a solid glass cube with a sphere in its interior in which the light is placed.

Despite the years, its image still remains a crossroads between the futuristic and the retro, and it is as difficult to find as desired by major collectors.

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Eileen side table

The E 1027 table also known by the name of its creator Eileen Gray, one of the first women designers to open up path in the world of design, it was created in 1929, and its unmistakable shape it has made it one of the most popular icons of the 20th century.

Focusing primarily on their usefulness, they can not only regulate its height, but also because it has a single foot it has multiple uses, since we can insert its base in the lower part of the sofa. or the bed, and use its surface as a tray to eat, work, read

In addition, that combination of glass and metal was a symbol disruptive for the time, but above all timeless, because well we might think that it is a recent design.

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Picardie glass

Perhaps many of you would respond with amazement to the question Can a glass be a work of art? However, judging by Due to the importance it has had in the history of design, the model Picardie by Duralex, we could say yes. That it is.

It became popular in the 1960s and has since It has conquered half the planet, as its stylized design has made it suitable for all types of environments ranging from restaurants, coffee shops even our own houses, but above all it has been its hardness, thanks to the tempered glass of which it is composed, capable of withstanding thermal shock up to 130° C, which has brought it to the present day.

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Modernist bottles by Josep Jujol

These magnificent glass bottles that you can find today Available in both blue or transparent, and clearly designed modernist, were created in 1912, for nothing more and nothing less that the architect and close collaborator of Antonio Gaudí, Josep Jujol.

The drawings engraved on them are inspired by the ceilings of plaster that decorate the different apartments of La Pedrera, in which Jujol worked with the Catalan architect.

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Oil can by Rafael Marquina

The same thing they thought about the glass now they probably think with a oil, but that is the reality. The oil/vinegar maker created in 1961 by Rafael Marquina, it is another of the icons of Spanish design, and it has turned out to be so practical as well as elegant, that it has passed It became one of the most copied designs in the world.

It is a piece that masterfully resolves the dripping of oil, a solution that until now had not been resolved, and if the simplicity of the shapes is added to that, the finish frosted neck, a wide base that provides stability, transparency of the glass that allows to identify the liquid… are points in favor that its creator even led him to win the first Delta prize of Gold of ADI-FAD.

balclis casa de subastas de arte