Practical guide for you to learn to value silver Antiques 09/12/2020

¡ How many of you have seen how a piece of great historical value has passed from generation to generation ... until it reaches your hands! It is then, and leaving us nonsense, When one wonders ... - and well ... this what? tender courage? However, if we already talk about the complexity of doing it with a piece of modern creation How will it be? that of an object of extended age? no?

Determining the validity of an antique, of whatever type, is the least expensive, and the same goes for a silver tray. Calculating its price, quotation or quality is usually a very relative task since many types of factors intervene such as time, production costs, cultural context, social imposition, attractiveness ... in short, parameters of different nature, telling what do then?

Well, there are a number of very useful tips (hence this article) that help you approximate the value and make you aware that good silver pieces deserve a thorough analysis.

 Ready to do the test?

  1. Look for the official version

What do we mean by this? Well, very easy, you should look for the authenticity mark, that is, the seal that certifies the quality of the piece, ¿cómo? turning the tray or part over to find the mark. What there is only one that does not mean that it is more or less important anymore that can have several, either on the sides or in the corners.

Also, you must find the appropriate signs, characteristic images, numbers and identifying letters … because thanks to that information you will that you can determine the value of your silver platter, but remember this is not the Only step to consider. Of course, under any doubt, the most important thing is that you call one of our experts, they will help you finish appraising the part.


      2. Determine the quality jump

With this point simply what we want is for you to have in mind a version of the high birthplace of silver; sterling . This type is the one that has the most value in the market and is represented with the number '925' (with the period at the beginning of the same).  

So you already know that with this stamp you will find many more possibilities to increase the sale price.


       3. Find their 'ancestors'

Perhaps this expression sounds a bit strange, but you will agree with us that the age of a tray is essential to prove its cost , and therefore it is important that you inform yourself how much more about the one you want to analyze.

There are many possibilities, and among them is the authentication mark, something that you should compare with other trays of the style and that appear in an official guide, which you can well find on the web pages, or in books, and a tray of 50 years is not the same as a tray of 100. Again, an expert could better evaluate this point, as it is one of the most complicated.


       4. Check for damage

Debéis assess damage to see if there is any kind of deterioration, such as bumps, dents or evidence of poorly executed welds … since that will be determining when reducing its value.

So look at all the details to the maximum for that way. make no mistake when analyzing.

      5. Learn from history

A relevant piece of information to know is the creation date of your tray , the exact date does not matter, with only the century it would be enough for you to understand that those produced in the nineteenth century, as a general rule, are usually made of lower quality silver, normally copper bathed with a thin layer of silver.  


       6. Value your weight in silver

And never better said! And it is that the more a tray weighs, the more cost it has, and that is a reality. For this it is also crucial, as we have said before, to take into account the creation date, and of course the style.

For example, the time of production is decisive to know the price of your tray; those made with very straight and predictable lines are usually from the 20th century, and therefore have less value, than those with curved and sinuous edges that belong more well to the nineteenth century, and therefore at a higher price.

Also, do not hesitate to consult the balances between supply and demand, the costs of sale that exist in the different auction houses or jewelry stores, since they are data that will help you when it comes to better determining what your silver tray is worth.