We auction more than 30 unique haute couture dresses by designer Josep Font Design 09/12/2020

  • It is an unrepeatable collection since they are the garments for Paris haute couture shows from the 2008-2009 seasons.
  • The pieces were kept in perfect condition, and now they will come out to online auction from September 16 to 29. The Auction House Balclis will perform in parallel, a small exhibition on 227 Rosellón Street and may be purchased through the platform auctionet.com

In 2007 the Fédération Française de la Couture invited Josep Font to participate in the Haute Couture Week in Paris, a select club with difficult access. The different parades of these seasons were performed in the splendid Westin Hotel in the French capital and had different themes and names: About beauty was a collection of garments where what prevailed it was the light and the sparkles.

My Spain took as a starting point the legacy and the historical tradition, based on typical elements of our country.

Looking at the sea turned around the Mediterranean, a place of great inspiration throughout Font's career.

Finally, Frank Stella, is inspired by the work of the homonymous artist, highlighting the variety of colors and symmetry.

Of all these parades Balclis will put at the customer's disposal more than 30 dresses, highlighting all of them for their finishes (some pieces contain stones of Swarovski, brand with which the designer made several collaborations during that stage), transgressive designs and colors strident.

We must bear in mind that today it is very difficult to achieve runway garments from top designers: usually are distributed among acquaintances or remain at the disposal of the brand finish the weeks dedicated to haute couture. For that reason, you are Unique creations are forgotten in closets or warehouses. The Bidders will find estimate prices between 800 and the 1,000 euros, turning this auction into an opportunity Unique for collectors and museums nationally and internationally.