A wide range of periods, disciplines, styles and materials

“Antiques” is a radically wide concept for us.On one hand, because it encompasses a very long period that usually ranges from the Middle Ages to Art Déco. On the other hand, it includes very different disciplines. From ceramics, with artists like Miró, Picasso or Artigas; glass, with artists like Émile Gallé, Daum Frères or René Lalique; goldsmithing, with Georg Jensen or Luis Masriera; or furniture, with Majorelle or Gaspar Homar as highlights at auctions. We can even mention artists or architects who have collaborated in works with the most varied materials, such as Antonio Gaudí, Joseff Hoffmann or Salvador Dalí. In addition, within "antiques" we can also include the specific tradition of countries whose richness in the field of creation has became well known, so it requires us to have dedicated departments or sub-specialities, such as Russian Art, which is famous for its icons but also for its rich silversmithing, being Carl Fabergé its most renowned representative. Our Antiques Department deals with objects made of silver, glass, porcelain, hard stones, bronze, marble or any other material or combination of them that has an artistic entity.It also sells decorative art items, such as fans, table clocks or miniature objects, and other technical or functional items intended for collectors, such as globes, celestial spheres, cameras and nautical instruments. If you own furniture or artistic works that you want to appraise and sell, you can have them appraised by our specialists to get the best price. Through Balclis, art buyers from all over the world will have access to your objects, so they might increase their original price at auction.